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iPhone 8 Launch Date

iPhone 8 Launch Date : Get To Know More About!

Apple is a big brand in the smartphone industry, which carries on launching its new iPhones and other devices every year. This is why 2017 will be a huge year offering. The iPhone 8 arrives as the iPhone X or iPhone Edition. This smartphone will be the 10th anniversary of the Apple. It miens set to be the leading to unveiling wireless charging tech, an uncommon upright dual back camera, and a curved AMOLED display. There are many rumors to be leaked out for this upcoming 2017 iPhone.

iPhone 8 Launch Date

Release date

Firstly, people are interested in knowing when does it come out? Of course, there is no genuine news about the release date. However, according to the assumptions of the previous iPhone release dates, its release date is obtained. It is not certain, but a general idea about it. Let’s have a brief idea about the release date of this new iPhone:

First of all, have a look at the current iPhone presentations such as: 

  • iPhone 5: The reveal date was September 12 on Wednesday, but the release date was September 21 on Friday. 
  • iPhone 5S: It was expected to reveal on September 10 on Tuesday, but it was actually released on September 20 on Friday. 
  • iPhone 6: The reveal date of the iPhone 6 was September 9 on Tuesday, but it was released on September 19 on Friday.
  • iPhone 6S: The reveal date was Wednesday, September 9, and the actual release was on September 19 on Saturday. 
  • iPhone 7: It was anticipated to reveal on Wednesday, September 7, but the actual release occurred on Friday, September 16.

According to these days, it is expected that this new iPhone would reveal on either September 12, 2017, or September 13, 2017. When it comes to the release date of the iPhone 2017, it will be either September 22 on Friday, or September 23 on Saturday. We should take all the rumors with due attentiveness for now.

In any case, it is also expected that whenever the new iPhone will be available, it will sell like the hot cakes. It will be a new hit from the Apple. If you are planning to buy because you are having enough money, then it is good to do it at the earliest.

Name of the new iPhone 2017

The company has been moderately consistent with the product name of the iPhone in recent times. They generally switch between a number that follows the next year by a phone with a number and S as a suffix. For a glance, iPhone 6S!

iPhone 8 Launch Date

It is assumed that according to the last entry from the Apple, there will be two phones, which will be normal and plus sized to be delivered under the iPhone 7S in 2017. But if we take the flagship into consideration, then it will be named as iPhone 8. At the same time, we can also assume that there are some other names that can be considered as wild card for this special year as it belongs to the anniversary of the iPhone Edition. These names will be iPhone X, iPhone 10, iPhone Edition, and iPhone Pro. After knowing these things, let’s move towards the design and other specifications of the new iPhone:


Of course, iPhone lovers are expecting many changes in this new iPhone. One of the major changes to see is the screen-to-body-ratio of the handset that seems to be a massive ramping up. Of course, you have an idea about the ratio, which is defined as how much space on the front of the phone is engaged by its display. These days, getting an all display front seems to be a huge trend in the list of the smartphones. It is to be imagined that a user can get a 5.5’’ screen in the system factor of a 4.7’’ iPhone. If this is the thing to be occurred, then it may remove the Home Button that is also used as the Touch ID fingerprint scanner from the phone’s front part. This way, it can fit to the bezel of the handset. The bezel will be small on the phone’s top that can accommodate 3-Dimesnional facial recognition sensors.  In fact, it is the main feature that will be added because of the elimination of the Touch ID.

Somewhere, it is found that the handset is covered with a glass black, a dual camera, and metal sides. One of the major and interesting things to see is that you may be going to avail a fresh ‘Blush Gold’ color in this new iPhone series.

Know more about the specifications

Of course, there is more to know about the iPhone 2017. As it will be going to be a big strike this year, so, the expectations are too much. Through this new iPhone, the company will finally introduce the OLED displays. There are many differences between conventional LCD panels and OLED screens. The pixels on the expected OLED screens create light by own, which is not happened in the traditional LCD panels. From the context, it means that the screen does not require a backlight. However, it also states that individual pixels can be switched off that allows giving truer blacks. This way, there is a great improvement in the dynamic range, as well as, widening of the color scale.
According to the imaginations, there will be 3 screen sizes for this upcoming iPhone, such as 4.7’’, 5.5’’ and 5.8’’. All of these three models will obtain the new screen, even though, the broad consensus is that an OLED upgrade will be present in the iPhone 8 only. When it comes to navigation, the bottom of the screen may be balanced off for proper functions. It is also good to know that there will be a new display function area located at the bottom, which could offer custom controls that depend on the app or software a user is using. There is a rumor that there will be a presence of the ambient light-regulating True Tone screen like the iPad Pro.

iPhone 8 Launch Date


There will be a new SoC for this new iPhone. It will use a new SoC that is expected to be A11 
processor. It will give enhanced performance and better power efficiency because of the use of a 10nm chip, which has never used in the iPhone models before. It means that there will be some serious gains from this new iPhone. 


Now, the most anticipated specifications is the camera. These days, most of the people are selfie lovers or love to take pictures with the loved ones. They always expect something better from the camera. It is believed that the company will inherit the double lens camera from the iPhone 7+. At the same time, it is ambiguous that whether or not it will be same for the select models. It is to be noted that both of the lenses will have OIS, recently, just the wide-angle camera lens have OIS. Some professionals also assume that it will use a revolutionary front camera, which will be going to have 3D-sensing features. With it, you can determine the location and depth of items in a 3-Dimensional space that permits you to get amplified genuine applications in the coming days.

It is good to know that one feature is explored, which revolves around the ability of taking a picture and then changing its depth or the depth of some certain objects in the photograph latter. It would also isolate an object in the picture like the head of a person. A specific object can be tilted to 180 degrees.

It is also to be said that the camera features would probably depend on a depth sensing technology. The camera uses algorithms made by PrimeSense. The more chances, the company may ignore to reveal these features in the new iPhone, but if these additions will be there, it will be a greater upcoming trend in the business of the smartphones.


It will add wireless charging finally, based on the rumors, even though, it is not a last decision of the company. The changes may occur until the iOS 11.1 arrives following the handset launch. USB-C may be removed from the iPhone 2017 and the USB-A section of the charging wire will be replaced by USB-C. While on the other hand, the other end will keep as a lighting connector.

iPhone 8 is nearly assured to be run on the latest iOS11 software of the Apple, provided that iOS10 is currently out-of-date in technical terms. So, this software version comes with a lot of upgrades, like a modernize to Messages, apps, stickers, and a reshaped app picker. An important thing is that there is also a cloud syncing option so that the messages can be carried through from an old device to the new one. Siri will be available with a new speech feature. Camera and photos will also get changed along with the changes to Apple Music, Maps, the App Store, and also a restructured control center.
So, these are all based on rumors. Let’s wait what the new iPhone this year will bring for us!

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