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New iPhone 6 Release Date

New iPhone 6 Release Date And Rumors At Glance

The iPhone 6 is about to release and it is the most anticipated phone of 2014. Rumors for this next generation of iPhone are rapid and all around. There are plenty of things which people need to know about iPhone 6. iPhone 6 is definitely going to be blast of 2014.

New iPhone 6 Release Date

Release date of New iPhone6

We all know that apple releases its Smartphone in between the month of June – October. According to this we are standing at the five month window already.  But according to history apple might set a new release date of its next generation that is around September or October 2014. According to rumors apple might have launched iPhone at worldwide developer’s conference on 2nd June but the company instead unveiled iOS 8 so there was disappointment and no iPhone.

There are strong reports coming out that apple is going to release iPhone on September 19. Another rumor suggests that iPhone will release in August. According to the reports if iPhone is released in the month of September then we can expect a larger model with 5.5 or 5.6 inch screen. But again this rumor might not be true because there is no possibility that Apple will launch two Smartphone so close.

One more rumor is floating in the air and it is being calculated that this might be true.  The company has told its employees that they will not be granted holidays on some specific dates in September. This might be a sign that something big is planned for those dates and we can expect the arrival of iPhone 6. Till Apple announces people will have to rely on the rumors and news, but it is going to be released soon. There is not much to wait now as we have already entered the month of July.

iPhone rumors at a glance

There are plenty of iPhone features which are talked about and one of them is screen size. iPhone 6 is definitely going to bigger than previous one. There are reliable reports that say people are going to have two iPhone this year and one of them is going to fall in the category of phablet. Apple is working on bigger phones which mean more fun for the users.

Design of iPhone 6

After bigger screen we can expect a bit new design. According to the leaked images and rumors the next Smartphone will have no or little bezels, and many also suggest that it is going to have lighter and thinner chassis. Thinner and lighter means use of Liquid metal as Apple has its elite rights. The phone is also going to be durable and strong.

Rumors also suggest that Apple might use Sapphire Glass in next Smartphone which will be scratch free.  We will see plenty of new things in iPhone 6 and waiting is going to be worth. The price of the phone is not yet known but is going to be expensive. According to the rumors the Smartphone might also have some extraordinary features and owners will feel having something powerful in their pockets.

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