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When Does the iPhone 9 Come Out?

When is the iPhone 9 Coming Out | When is iPhone 9 Coming Out | When Does iPhone 9 come Out | When Does the iPhone 9 Come out

When Does The iPhone 9 Come Out? Release Date, Rumors, Specification

It’s quite interesting to see how Smartphone brands are competing with each. Every year they need to deliver their fans with the best or they are going to lose in the run. Well, so many new brands have emerged till now, but apple stays the same with its unique launches and flagships. Not only an apple user but others are also keen to know what the giant is going to deliver the market. With iPhone still on the horizons making all others hard to beat, designers and reviewers have started speculating the next iPhone future. Of course, it’s hard to say because according to the history apple does not disclose until it’s the time.

When Does the iPhone 9 Come Out

Most of the times expectations got the way and sometimes more are delivered by the popular Smartphone Company. iPhone 8 is yet to come and it is predicted to be another mark or revolution in the history of the smart phones. You know why apple is so successful in giving the best. It is due to the reason is that it perfects the ideas of its rivals and has always been on the top of the list when it comes to advanced Smartphone technology.  It might have disappointed people in terms of cost, design and few other areas, but still has the secret of winning formula, which is always different from the others.  Apple fans still manage to cope up because they know they have best technology or gadget in their hands.

We always get something different from the previous release and this is the reason why web surfers, web users are always keen to find or speculate more and more about the upcoming of the apple. It’s certain that the giant is going to deliver significantly different from the past coz this is one company that knows what to learn from the past mistakes. The major question here is When Does the iPhone come out? iPhone 8 is yet to be released, but little hypes are also raising in the gadget market about the iPhone 9.

Concept of iPhone 9

The design still stays in the foggy idea and it is a major question how iPhone 8 is going to come out in terms of design. The design is imperative because it is nearly linked to the operating system of the Smartphone.  It is sure that a heavy raft of pretty unique features will be incorporated in the iPhone 9 and the interface will also get a makeover.  No doubt, Apple is working on the new improvements and they have an entire team working on it since now. If we get something mind boggling the Apple iPhone 8 user interfaces, and then it is definitely not going to be a surprise. There are statements by the graphic designers, speculations being made by the well- known and articles being published about it because this is one topic that definitely needs huge attention.

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It is also being suggested that the giant is working on the display and something new can be expected.
Apple users might get a switch feature that will allow them to oscillate between running application on their devices. There might be one more feature that is being predicted and that is it will prevent users from using the applications, which is already installed. This is something weird, but apple is well known to give unique features with every new launch. 

It’s been expected that the iPhone 9 is going to be immensely costly, it’s yet to see it justifies the cost or not.  If we talk about iPhone 8 it is being predicted to be more affordable, but the cost of it will be breached with the new launch in 2018.

Black pixel novelty to be seen

According to the past if we judge OLED display is going to be included in the iPhone 9 concept. It is not a major revelation, but it is a certain one. It is being suggested that the screen will hold the capability of switching entire black pixels resulting in saving 25% of the battery life. When it comes to battery saving feature apple users have a big smile on their face because it is one major issue in the life of the apple user.  It is guaranteed that the fans are going to welcome this feature with an open heart because battery life is the top priority and they have always faced disappointment in this term. The past is bad, but good marks can be expected now. There are several clues that indicate how the new improvements will positively affect the range of other apple products. The operating system 12- a concept also suggested that Touch ID is going to appear once again assuming out that it is missing in the iPhone 8- offering a unique capability for app locking.

When is iPhone 9 Coming Out

For instance, when users of iPhone 9 will attempt the messages their device will prompt a notification and the users will have to scan their finger in a specific area on their display. It is believed that apple will definitely incorporate this feature.

Proprietary processor

There are several other important tidbits of data regarding the iPhone release.  There are going to be new systems and the company is also going to also incorporate some internal graphics processor.  There is going to be an entire raft of the internet standards which is going to be wireless. There is going to be 5G a technology that is going to be imminent when it is going to emerge. Users are going to have to lighten fast Wi-Fi.

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By the time iPhone 9 is going to be released there is a huge variety of specification that we are going to see till then.  iPhone is yet to come and it makes more difficult to predict features of the iPhone 9 on just existing specs. We are unaware of the facts of iPhone 8 and this makes a challenge to guess what is going to be included in iPhone 9.

But it is believed that the company is going to upgrade to 5.8 inch OLED in iPhone 8 with Quad HD resolution. This makes possible that it is going to plunge things further when it comes to iPhone 9. 4K resolution tantalizing process of iPhone can be one distinctive possibility; even the greatest rival of the apple Samsung is yet to provide the similar resolution to its Galaxy range. Samsung is definitely moving fast in terms of high specs also the display technology in specific, and from here users are going to get one more surprise because apple is going to beat its rival to the 4K punch.

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In spite of the fact, fans can certainly accept something outstanding from the release of iPhone 9 as it is going to hit the stores of the worldwide market.  Fans might have to wait for the launch as it is possible that the launch is going to be planned in 2020 rather than next year. This year apple is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary indefinitely going to furnish its fans with the major upgrades.

There are still 4 months on the calendar for the launch of iPhone 8 and the attention is already turned to its successor. Well, there is no official date released for it, but it is for sure that it is not going to hit the market until September 2018. We are thinking prematurely here and all this is what is being said with the lesser known facts about iPhone 6. 

What are the giant plans?

Before beginning it is obvious not to say anything because no one knows what is going on inside. There are no indications like is it in the thoughts or planning. We don't even know that iPhone 9 name will be given to the gadget or not.

Now comes the release date and we all know that the company follows a predictable schedule for the release. For instance, the "S" Smartphone category followed major updates. iPhone 6 scam after the redesigned of iPhone 6 and 5s came after iPhone 5 with the feature of Touch ID. This year we can expect the company to release its flagship on the tested and tried a pattern.  There are rumors also going on according to which there might be a launch of 3 devices this year and those will be iPhone 7s plus, iPhone 7s and iPhone 8.  If this is not going to happen, then there are huge chances that iPhone 9 will be launched in 2018.

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The company likes to keep its secret and they surprise their fans just a few days of the launch.  iPhone 8 might launch in 2018 and this postpones the release date of iPhone 9 as far by 2020. We don’t have any idea about the major specifications even its hard for the rumors to make it place.

It is very early to say anything about iPhone 9 and those who are waiting will have to show more patience and wait until the company itself gives any sign of its release date, specifications or other major tidbits.
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iPhone 10 Release Date

iPhone 10 Release Date And Other Imperative Speculations

Apple lovers are always excited about the new launches. iPhone 8 is going to be released at the end of 2017 and the Apple iPhone 9 and iPhone 10 are the two upcoming launches. Some are showing off their iPhone 6 and others who are prepared to buy the next are excited about the upcoming launches. iPhone 10 is going to be next to next generation devices and here we are with some predictions. There are fortune tellers and the ones having specialization in the genre have surely something to say about this future launch. These are the experts who have predicted few features of the iPhone 10 and it is a user that apple lovers are going to guaranteed love them.  It is going to raise more excitement among the apple fans and the ones who are planning to invest in a brand new apple phone in up.

iPhone 10 Release Date

Expected features of iPhone 10

iPhone 10 is a far deal to see, but it is thrilling to speculate some of its features for everyone who is keen for the launch. From the outside, it is expected to look similar to its previous version, but it is expected that the entire application system is going to have a major update and of course there is going to be a variety of new applications in the iOS 10.

Moisture detector: This is going to be one of the latest features of the upcoming Smartphone especially designed for the lightning port. Even the tiny drops will be detected by this feature automatically and instantly the user is going to get the notification to detach the cable. This is going to prevent the damaging of your Smartphone.

iMessage: It is going to get you more perky updates like text messages and emoji size that will now be changed effectively for having a huge impact on your conversation along with a unique feature called invincible ink.  Users will now view it after swiping or tapping on it.  

Keyboard: There will be instant type buttons having an intelligent site development for the apple operating system keyboard.  There will be an improved version of the predictive text and you are also going to get pretty cool suggestions to add more appropriate files and pictures.  The keyboard wills also enable new sounds along with alphanumeric tabs and it is going to have a high pitch click.

Picture app: It is going to offer picture recognition obviously a new one including scene and object recognition.  It is going to have a memory of its own which will have a new tab in the section of pictures of iOS 10 and will have the same function like Google. This feature will bring a particular time all together in the most amazing way.  This feature will also allow you to create a new and edited version of the videos you make for any occasion or event. 

Control panel: It is going to have a completely new look and there is going to be some pretty widgets.  Now it will be split into multiple screens having full control over videos, pictures, and music which users will be able to view on the secondary screen. There is going to be some shortcuts options as well. 

Screen locker: This feature will get a complete modification as compared to the earlier versions and now you will be able to get more notifications and it is also going to have a force touch.  There is going to be one more feature added to it which is going to be "raise to wake" and it will activate the notifications, date, time without the need of pressing any button.

Compatibility: We all know that compatibility feature is not new and it is supporting any new operating system since the launch of iPhone 5. The next launch will also follow up some of the most enticing updates of the OS.

These are the expected features of iPhone 10 and all these will offer the user with advanced technology convenience. Well, on the other hand, these are mere speculations and we can expect more of it or lesser to it. Who knows?

iPhone 10 Release Date

What is it going to look like?

This is a major buzz and a mystery at the same time. We have been hearing a lot about iPhone 10 designs and which we are going to share with you here.  There are going to be new points like the iPhone 10 will have a major redesign, which is required as well.  Home button will be removed from the device front and there will a larger screen resulting in reduced bezels and it will also reach the edges of the device.  This has been already done in the case of Samsung with Galaxy S8 and the trend was followed by LG which we can see in LG G6, which was recently launched this year.

The enlarged screen will also use OLED panel and this is going to be the first time that the apple will opt for this new technology that will overtake the commonly used LCD panel that is being used in the existing iPhones.  Some analytic reports and rumors also suggest that we will see curves on the edges, though the others suggest that the curves are going to more gentle as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.  We deny any assuredly because of no clear idea whether OLED screen will be curved or not, still, there are bright chances.

Hardware speculations

It’s too early to confirm any of the features explained in this post it is pretty hard to imagine what iPhone 10 will be internal. Not over thinking it is safe to assume that the updates are going to be more improved as compared to its predecessor and is definitely going to have a strong hold against the rivals such as Google, HTC, and Samsung.

The phone might have a new system on a chip. It is going to be a major update so users can expect something really big. iPhone 7 is having A10 fusionchip and users already know how fast it is. iPhone 10 might feature A11 processor, which is going to be furiously faster than A10 fusion chip.  Samsung Exynos 8895 is packed with 10nm manufacturing process along with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 and both of them are the high-end range processors.

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What its camera will have new?

There is a lot to say about the camera and it is also one of the major features which the users expect.  It is predicted that the apple iPhone 10 will have dual lens camera. IDrop current reports suggest that the dial lenses will be packed vertically instead of horizontally similar to the iPhone 7 plus. Analysts are also talking about the revolutionary camera that will have 3D sensing abilities.  Other debatable features include true tone technology and wireless charging. This means the phone display will get adapted to the changes according to the light. 

iPhone 10

Release and price of iPhone 10.

As, we are not having any idea when iPhone 10 is going to be released, but according to the history we can make predictions.
  • iPhone 5 was released on Wednesday, September 12 and Friday, September 21
  • iPhone 5s was released  on Tuesday, September 10 and Friday, September 20
  • iPhone 6 was released  on September 9 and Friday, September 19
  • iPhone 6s was released on Wednesday, September 9 and Saturday, September 19
  • iPhone 7 was released on Wednesday,  September 7 and Friday, September 16

With all these calculations in mind, we can expect the launch of iPhone 10 release date either Tuesday, September 12 or Wednesday, September 13.  Again there are no clues and no way to verify these release days until the giant itself comes forward to say anything about the verification of the release date.  On the web, you are going to find different data, rumors, and speculations so it is hard to say which is going to be true.  There is no idea about the price of the iPhone 10, but it can be expected to be pricey because of the major updates it is going to have overall. 

The new iPhone is definitely going to bring loads of exciting new features that are already explained above in this post. It is going to be a top deal at the time of the launch. If you are interested in investing in the upcoming iPhone 10, then you must have a heavy pocket to get it in your hands.  Apart from iPhone 10, there are other major launches of Apple to come.  It is certain that the company is going to launch more than one headset this year, but we are not user about iPhone 10 release. Apple will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year so there are lots of things that make sense here.  Apple is surely ready with a trick that is going to amuse all its fans.
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iPhone 8 Launch Date

iPhone 8 Launch Date : Get To Know More About!

Apple is a big brand in the smartphone industry, which carries on launching its new iPhones and other devices every year. This is why 2017 will be a huge year offering. The iPhone 8 arrives as the iPhone X or iPhone Edition. This smartphone will be the 10th anniversary of the Apple. It miens set to be the leading to unveiling wireless charging tech, an uncommon upright dual back camera, and a curved AMOLED display. There are many rumors to be leaked out for this upcoming 2017 iPhone.

iPhone 8 Launch Date

Release date

Firstly, people are interested in knowing when does it come out? Of course, there is no genuine news about the release date. However, according to the assumptions of the previous iPhone release dates, its release date is obtained. It is not certain, but a general idea about it. Let’s have a brief idea about the release date of this new iPhone:

First of all, have a look at the current iPhone presentations such as: 

  • iPhone 5: The reveal date was September 12 on Wednesday, but the release date was September 21 on Friday. 
  • iPhone 5S: It was expected to reveal on September 10 on Tuesday, but it was actually released on September 20 on Friday. 
  • iPhone 6: The reveal date of the iPhone 6 was September 9 on Tuesday, but it was released on September 19 on Friday.
  • iPhone 6S: The reveal date was Wednesday, September 9, and the actual release was on September 19 on Saturday. 
  • iPhone 7: It was anticipated to reveal on Wednesday, September 7, but the actual release occurred on Friday, September 16.

According to these days, it is expected that this new iPhone would reveal on either September 12, 2017, or September 13, 2017. When it comes to the release date of the iPhone 2017, it will be either September 22 on Friday, or September 23 on Saturday. We should take all the rumors with due attentiveness for now.

In any case, it is also expected that whenever the new iPhone will be available, it will sell like the hot cakes. It will be a new hit from the Apple. If you are planning to buy because you are having enough money, then it is good to do it at the earliest.

Name of the new iPhone 2017

The company has been moderately consistent with the product name of the iPhone in recent times. They generally switch between a number that follows the next year by a phone with a number and S as a suffix. For a glance, iPhone 6S!

iPhone 8 Launch Date

It is assumed that according to the last entry from the Apple, there will be two phones, which will be normal and plus sized to be delivered under the iPhone 7S in 2017. But if we take the flagship into consideration, then it will be named as iPhone 8. At the same time, we can also assume that there are some other names that can be considered as wild card for this special year as it belongs to the anniversary of the iPhone Edition. These names will be iPhone X, iPhone 10, iPhone Edition, and iPhone Pro. After knowing these things, let’s move towards the design and other specifications of the new iPhone:


Of course, iPhone lovers are expecting many changes in this new iPhone. One of the major changes to see is the screen-to-body-ratio of the handset that seems to be a massive ramping up. Of course, you have an idea about the ratio, which is defined as how much space on the front of the phone is engaged by its display. These days, getting an all display front seems to be a huge trend in the list of the smartphones. It is to be imagined that a user can get a 5.5’’ screen in the system factor of a 4.7’’ iPhone. If this is the thing to be occurred, then it may remove the Home Button that is also used as the Touch ID fingerprint scanner from the phone’s front part. This way, it can fit to the bezel of the handset. The bezel will be small on the phone’s top that can accommodate 3-Dimesnional facial recognition sensors.  In fact, it is the main feature that will be added because of the elimination of the Touch ID.

Somewhere, it is found that the handset is covered with a glass black, a dual camera, and metal sides. One of the major and interesting things to see is that you may be going to avail a fresh ‘Blush Gold’ color in this new iPhone series.

Know more about the specifications

Of course, there is more to know about the iPhone 2017. As it will be going to be a big strike this year, so, the expectations are too much. Through this new iPhone, the company will finally introduce the OLED displays. There are many differences between conventional LCD panels and OLED screens. The pixels on the expected OLED screens create light by own, which is not happened in the traditional LCD panels. From the context, it means that the screen does not require a backlight. However, it also states that individual pixels can be switched off that allows giving truer blacks. This way, there is a great improvement in the dynamic range, as well as, widening of the color scale.
According to the imaginations, there will be 3 screen sizes for this upcoming iPhone, such as 4.7’’, 5.5’’ and 5.8’’. All of these three models will obtain the new screen, even though, the broad consensus is that an OLED upgrade will be present in the iPhone 8 only. When it comes to navigation, the bottom of the screen may be balanced off for proper functions. It is also good to know that there will be a new display function area located at the bottom, which could offer custom controls that depend on the app or software a user is using. There is a rumor that there will be a presence of the ambient light-regulating True Tone screen like the iPad Pro.

iPhone 8 Launch Date


There will be a new SoC for this new iPhone. It will use a new SoC that is expected to be A11 
processor. It will give enhanced performance and better power efficiency because of the use of a 10nm chip, which has never used in the iPhone models before. It means that there will be some serious gains from this new iPhone. 


Now, the most anticipated specifications is the camera. These days, most of the people are selfie lovers or love to take pictures with the loved ones. They always expect something better from the camera. It is believed that the company will inherit the double lens camera from the iPhone 7+. At the same time, it is ambiguous that whether or not it will be same for the select models. It is to be noted that both of the lenses will have OIS, recently, just the wide-angle camera lens have OIS. Some professionals also assume that it will use a revolutionary front camera, which will be going to have 3D-sensing features. With it, you can determine the location and depth of items in a 3-Dimensional space that permits you to get amplified genuine applications in the coming days.

It is good to know that one feature is explored, which revolves around the ability of taking a picture and then changing its depth or the depth of some certain objects in the photograph latter. It would also isolate an object in the picture like the head of a person. A specific object can be tilted to 180 degrees.

It is also to be said that the camera features would probably depend on a depth sensing technology. The camera uses algorithms made by PrimeSense. The more chances, the company may ignore to reveal these features in the new iPhone, but if these additions will be there, it will be a greater upcoming trend in the business of the smartphones.


It will add wireless charging finally, based on the rumors, even though, it is not a last decision of the company. The changes may occur until the iOS 11.1 arrives following the handset launch. USB-C may be removed from the iPhone 2017 and the USB-A section of the charging wire will be replaced by USB-C. While on the other hand, the other end will keep as a lighting connector.

iPhone 8 is nearly assured to be run on the latest iOS11 software of the Apple, provided that iOS10 is currently out-of-date in technical terms. So, this software version comes with a lot of upgrades, like a modernize to Messages, apps, stickers, and a reshaped app picker. An important thing is that there is also a cloud syncing option so that the messages can be carried through from an old device to the new one. Siri will be available with a new speech feature. Camera and photos will also get changed along with the changes to Apple Music, Maps, the App Store, and also a restructured control center.
So, these are all based on rumors. Let’s wait what the new iPhone this year will bring for us!
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When Does The New iPhone Come Out

When Is The New iPhone Coming Out?

Smartphones are the necessity of today’s generation, especially when the smartphones like iPhone 7 and much more are available. Apple has become a dominant manufacturer of the smartphone industry, bringing new iPhones, iPad, and other devices for almost every year. The company has still to release the successor to some iPhone models like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+. However, the speculations of these future smartphones have already started and revolving around somewhere. The major speculations are for iPhone 9.

When Does The New iPhone Come Out

Most of the iPhone lovers are interesting in knowing When Does the iPhone 9 come out? The iPhone 9 would be some years away possibly lesser, but there are some details that are being concentrated by the people to a great extent all over the world. Let’s have a brief look at this next generation iPhone in the series, which is as follows:

Look at the specifications

It is rumored that the company would get the screen of this new iPhone from the Samsung, which will be 5.28’’ and 6.46’’ in the size. The screens are made of OLED panels. The look of the iPhone 9 will be drastically different from the iPhone 7. If we compare the iPhone 9 with iPhone 7, then new iPhone will come up with more vibrant and colorful screen that will be going to love by the most. 
As mentioned-above, there will be a presence of the OLEDs, which are termed as Organic Light-emitting diodes. They generate light, which depends on how much current you are providing it. And if there is an absence of charge, the light becomes dim and turned into black. These panels have compared with the LCD panels, which are able to never get switched off because of a persistent backlight.

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As the iPhone 8 will also include this feature of the OLED panels, it will be going to give the best experience to its users. It is the concept of the black pixel. Moreover, by including this technology in the upcoming iPhone of the series, the company will be able to add its contribution to save the battery life up to 25 percent. It is an innovative concept that would be definitely greeted by the users as it involves better performance of the battery.

Another concept of the new iPhone 9 is the iOS 12. The clues you will see online are telling that how the company could enhance the most essential product in its range When Does the iPhone 9 come out. This concept of the iOS 12 tells that there will be the existence of the Touch ID, which will reappear. It provides with a unique app locking feature.

As soon as the processor is involved, it is also rumored that the iPhone 9 will be the major smartphone to take a complete benefit from the new system, proprietary processor. The main reason behind this processor concept is that it needs something unique and different in terms of intellectual property for different products.

If we talk about the battery, it will be an L-shaped battery. The iPhone 9 will also host a series of wireless internet standards. As soon as the iPhone 9 develops, 5G technology should be there.  By the time, when it will be released, we are going to expect many other things that are all because of the rumors.

Releasing date, price, and naming

If we see the history of the Apple series, then it will tell you a lot about the upcoming iPhones, When Does the iPhone 9 come out? After the release of the new iPhone models, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, now, the time is to wait for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 9. According to the rumors, the iPhone 9 will be launched in the next year possibly.

New iPhone Come Out

The company has proceeded with a somewhat foreseeable release schedule. Like if we see the release of the S devices, iPhone 6s came after the iPhone 6. While on the other hand, iPhone 5S entered the market after the iPhone 5 along with Touch ID. When it comes to the release of this year, there may be a change in the rumor mill because the patterns may change. Based on some assumptions, if it does not take place, it is expected that an iPhone 9 would unveiled in the year of 2018. Some rumors have also stated that the iPhone 9 could be as distant away as 2020.

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When it comes to the pricing of the iPhone 9, it will be costly according to the estimates of the analysts. The variants of the iPhone 8, 128 GB and 256 GB, will cost $1000 and $1100 respectively. 

iPhone 10 Rumors

At the same time, it is also rumored that this year, the iPhone 10 will also hit the market with exciting features and specifications. Of course, it will be a double dose for every iPhone lover. Iphone fans could scarcely hold onto their pleasure and excitement when the iOS 10 was introduced on the June 13 after the immediate beta release. It is also true that along with the waiting of the iPhone 9, people are also willing to know When Does the iPhone 10 come out, what will be the specifications and features. The new iPhone 10 carries out a number of interesting features, which may range from the iMessage platform to the Apple music conversion. Get ready to understand the features of the iOS 10 that are going to be available in the iPhone 10 very soon. Start reading these interesting features:

Moisture Detector

There will be the moisture detector used for the lighting port. In any case, if your iPhone makes a contact with small drops of water, it will give you notification to disconnect the cable as there will be an automatic detection. This way, you can avoid the damage to your device.


Another feature is the iMessage, which carries out a plethora of rich updates like the size of the text messages, new emoji, and many others. A new feature called as invincible ink that will be able to see it once you tap or swipe on it only.

Photos and camera application

When it comes to the photos application, it provides with new photos recognition feature and also scene and object recognition. With this app, you can create an edited version of the special videos related to any event or celebration. There will be a new tab in the form of memories, which has a similar function as the feature of the Google that brings you collectively from a specific time effectively.

While on the other hand, there is also a camera application, which will support you in capturing rare pictures with the use of the rear view camera. The back camera is going to have 8 MP and a front facing camera has the resolution of 18 MP. So, these combinations will make the picture taking and editing experience enhanced and rocking.

Control center

Now, coming to the control center, it has a new look with the combination of many wonderful cool widgets. You will see that it has now break into more than a number of screens with the music and video control on the secondary screen. Users will also enjoy some shortcut resorts for the HomeKit devices.

Screen Locker

Once you know When Does the iPhone 10 come out, you will be able to enjoy these features after the release in your hands. It is also an astonishing feature, which has been changed from its previous version. This feature permits you to see the time, date, or notifications without the need of pressing any button.


If you want to know the keyboard of the new iPhone 10, what it will be like? Then, it will be quite different from the previous ones. There are quick type buttons along with a site intelligence that is developed to provide with an enhanced predictive text. There are also several suggestions to add appropriate files or pictures. Having this keyboard will enable you a click with new sound with the presence of some alphanumeric keys that offer a high pitch click. 

Some highlights of the iPhone 10
  • There will be no bezels or borders on the front surface as it will be all display. 
  • iPhone 10 will come out with the glass frame along with the use of aluminum also.
  • It will appear like a 3rd high-end model having a bigger screen with the frame made of stainless steel. 
  • It will have a 5’’ screen.
  • There will be no home button. 
  • An incredible screen will be there. 
  • It will possess a wireless charging feature

When Does The New iPhone Come Out

Now, When Does the iPhone 10 come out is the most expected question among the iPhone lovers around the world. It will be a hot-selling like smartphone, which you will see in the month of the September as expected by the rumors. These are just the rumors, the real thing will still at wait. So, keep your eyes on the latest updates so that you can get an informed decision when to buy the iPhone 9 or iPhone 10.
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New iPhone 6 Release Date

New iPhone 6 Release Date And Rumors At Glance

The iPhone 6 is about to release and it is the most anticipated phone of 2014. Rumors for this next generation of iPhone are rapid and all around. There are plenty of things which people need to know about iPhone 6. iPhone 6 is definitely going to be blast of 2014.

New iPhone 6 Release Date

Release date of New iPhone6

We all know that apple releases its Smartphone in between the month of June – October. According to this we are standing at the five month window already.  But according to history apple might set a new release date of its next generation that is around September or October 2014. According to rumors apple might have launched iPhone at worldwide developer’s conference on 2nd June but the company instead unveiled iOS 8 so there was disappointment and no iPhone.

There are strong reports coming out that apple is going to release iPhone on September 19. Another rumor suggests that iPhone will release in August. According to the reports if iPhone is released in the month of September then we can expect a larger model with 5.5 or 5.6 inch screen. But again this rumor might not be true because there is no possibility that Apple will launch two Smartphone so close.

One more rumor is floating in the air and it is being calculated that this might be true.  The company has told its employees that they will not be granted holidays on some specific dates in September. This might be a sign that something big is planned for those dates and we can expect the arrival of iPhone 6. Till Apple announces people will have to rely on the rumors and news, but it is going to be released soon. There is not much to wait now as we have already entered the month of July.

iPhone rumors at a glance

There are plenty of iPhone features which are talked about and one of them is screen size. iPhone 6 is definitely going to bigger than previous one. There are reliable reports that say people are going to have two iPhone this year and one of them is going to fall in the category of phablet. Apple is working on bigger phones which mean more fun for the users.

Design of iPhone 6

After bigger screen we can expect a bit new design. According to the leaked images and rumors the next Smartphone will have no or little bezels, and many also suggest that it is going to have lighter and thinner chassis. Thinner and lighter means use of Liquid metal as Apple has its elite rights. The phone is also going to be durable and strong.

Rumors also suggest that Apple might use Sapphire Glass in next Smartphone which will be scratch free.  We will see plenty of new things in iPhone 6 and waiting is going to be worth. The price of the phone is not yet known but is going to be expensive. According to the rumors the Smartphone might also have some extraordinary features and owners will feel having something powerful in their pockets.

Image Source is "Google Search"
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